A Fast and Secure Cloud Solution that protects your privacy


SkyShare is a cloud service that utilizes public cloud services to provide a faster, more secure and reliable, customizable and economical cloud service. SkyShare protects your privacy by preventing access to your files even by the employees of cloud services. SkyShare promotes internet freedom by protecting user's privacy to the highest extent.

The fastest

SkyShare is the fastest solution for information backup and file sharing. It is 20% to 50% faster than similar services such as Dropbox or GoogleDrive. This is because SkyShare can upload or download parts of your files simultaneously to different cloud providers, and thus overcomes each clouds upload/download speed limitation.

The most secure

SkyShare is the most secure cloud solution that could be used to work with popular cloud services such as Dropbox and GoogleDrive. With SkyShare, even employees who work for your cloud provider cannot access your files. SkyShare provides tunable security levels depending on the importance of the files stored.

The most reliable

SkyShare brings you a reliable cloud experience by allowing you to access your files on the clouds even when one of the cloud servers is not accessible due to any reason.


SkyShare is actively under development to add new exciting features. We value our first customers by accepting to implement their required features. SkyShare will also have administrative tools for business customers who need to monitor access to their files across multiple devices.

Overcome file size limit

Cloud services usually impose limits on the size of the files you can upload to their servers. SkyShare pushes such limits by at least 50% so that you can upload larger files to your clouds.

Multiple clouds, one application

SkyShare can aggregate all your public cloud accounts into one. This means you can now install just one application, SkyShare, but access your files across multiple cloud storages such as Dropbox and GoogleDrive.


SkyShare DropBox GoogleDrive
Upload/Download Speed 20 to 50% higher - -
Free Space Up to 30GB 2GB 15GB
Personal Security Yes No No
Storage Security Yes Yes No
Privacy No access by cloud owners Not customizableCloud owner can access Cloud owner can access
Customization Can be customized to your needs Not customizable Not customizable
Price $4/virtually unlimited storage $10 for 1TB $10 for 1TB
Can I earn extra free storage? Yes Yes No
File size restrictions? None None 10GB
Supported OS Win/Mac/Linux/Android Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Kindle Fire Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
Business Development Manager

How does SkyShare work?

SkyShare employes a cutting-edge technology that splits a file into two or more obfuscated parts that does not reveal anything about the original file. Each part is stored on a separate cloud provider, e.g., one on DropBox and one on SkyShare public cloud. The user file is recovered only if all the parts are available to be put back together. All these steps are done by the SkyShare client with no interaction from the users. The user just needs to do a one-time setup to let SkyShare knows which cloud providers are to be employed.

Chief Public Relation Officer

SkyShare vs. other cloud solutions

Other secure cloud solutions use encryption, which means a key must be remembered by the users, and so there is a need for key management. Moreover, when the files are shared with another user, either the key is revealed, or the file is decrypted and stored in the cloud in plaintext (which is accessible to the cloud provider), and then shared with a second user. SkyShare leverages these problems by sharing obfuscated parts of the file. This prevents the cloud providers from accessing the file.

Marketing Executive

Business model

SkyShare will be a freemium and available in three different versions: 1) Basic, 2) Premium, and 3) Corporate. Individual users are required to pay a subscription fee in order to access the premium version of SkyShare. Businesses and organizations must pay a monthly fee in order to purchase SkyShare Corporate which includes all the features as well as 24/7 customer support. Additionally, storing data on SkyShare cloud server requires extra payment for all three versions, if users choose to store a part of their files on our cloud.


  • Regular uploads and downloads
  • Secure uploads and downloads to 2 clouds


  • Regular uploads and downloads
  • Secure uploads and downloads to 4 clouds
  • Limited access to SkyShare cloud


  • Regular uploads and downloads
  • Secure uploads and downloads to unlimited number of clouds
  • Superior data availability mechanisms
  • Exclusive access to SkyShare cloud
  • Full on-site support

Future plan

SkyShare upcoming features

Access Control Mechanism

SkyShare has a novel permission management model. One particular example is that managers can set a permission for a file such that at least two secretaries are required together to access a file.

Post Quantum security

We distribute data into multiple locations such that even if one provider is down, still data can be accessed.

Access to more public clouds

We distribute data into multiple locations such that even if one provider is down, still data can be accessed.


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